Mark A Gilchrist is a freelance illustrator and designer residing in Southwest Florida. His art and design stem from faith in God and the beauty and coherence of the world He created. This objective, eternal point of reference gives boundary, scope, and purpose to Mark's work. For Mark, his life and art are grounded in the belief that work and persons have intrinsic sanctity and worth. Art is not a self-indulgent exercise, but part of a life meant for service to God and others. From early on, Mark has been enthralled with the magical and fantastic, and the power of images and words to entertain and educate, inspire and encourage.

Mark A Gilchrist is the creator of the Deviant Dragons and the co-creator of the children's book characters Lix and Basta. Mark was the illustrator on "Homemade Heroes"; a story by Peter Simeti featured in the "IF Anthology" from Alterna Comics.